Reviews about the system of “Ost-Optik” employees

Yulia Sivova, «Ost-Optik» chief accountant
You can connect cash register or cheque printer to the program. It helps to avoid errors in calculation between sellers and buyers and make clear accountant reports.Cash balance registers by the program that reduces number of mistakes and save time.With “Optima” we found an easy and quick way to make revisions of goods and materials. You can do not only full inventory but also choose category for revision. Moreover, ypu can start revision in any time without additional preparations. The program made paperwork unnecessary. If a salary system includes some indicators (like total return, number of orders etc), then salary calculation can be carried out by results displaied by the program. Also you can easily keep records for managers or shareholders of the company. The program allows to build different reports for different categories of users or you can add a new report for your company.
Svetlana Kirpa, «Ost-Optik» manager
After the introduction of “Optima” work has become more convenient. The program is made to be very easy to understand for both optometrists and sellers. “Optima” provides the opportunity for more quick and efficient customer service. Before the introduction of this program, we had to manually write out receipts and record all the orders in the magazine, which takes a lot of time. Before “Optima” we had to manually write out receipts and record all the orders in a journal, what did take a lot of time. Now all receipts automatically print after every sale, it reduces the time of taking an order and save customer’s time. When all receipts and warranty cards are printed on a computer, rather than written by hand, it raises the status of the store and its respectability in eyes of a customer. The program allows to see goods stocks in all branches of the company and offer customers a full range which is possible, not just limited to one store. It increases the quality and speed of a service.It became very convenient to send and receive goods without extra paperwork. I was afraid that some transfers can be lost while some error occurs, so used to create a copy of all documents, but it didn’t happen. “Optima” provides an opportunity to work with client base, inform customer if his order is ready or new collection is coming. Also you can look through the order history what is useful in case if customer forgot what contact lenses he usually buys or which frame he has bought last time.

I can say for sure that with using “Optima” we moved to an entirely new level of working!

Elena Vorotynskaya, “Ost-Optik” head ophthalmologist
All data on prescriptions stores in the client base that allows you to monitor changes of vision. Significantly reduces the time of prescription writing out. You can fix a date of the next visiting to make a vision test so the program will make a reminder for doctor to call a client.
As prescriptions are printed by computer it eliminates an error of reading it not correctly. While taking an order a seller doesn’t need to enter prescription details manually, it is transferred to the order automatically. For selling contact lenses, a doctor can always see what the customer usually buys. So if client loose his prescription he will not worry about it and can always check it in the optic store what creates a positive impression about the company.
Oleg Pudafeev, workshop worker of highest category
A workshop worker produce the final product – glasses. To make it, you need a doctor’s prescription, lenses chosen according to the prescription and special wishes of a customer, and the frame in which lenses and will be set. To make good quality glasses all these three components must match themselves. Firstly, a prescription must be properly prescribed by a doctor and properly entered in the order form, which transfers to a workshop. A lot of errors used to occur while filling an order form with a doctor’s prescription. Now, with the introduction of Optima program, these errors have stopped since recipe data is automatically set by a computer. Secondly, the lenses must match not only by prescription diopters, but also in size by the diameter of the frame. Now there are fewer errors because lenses are chosen by a computer.
Even if an error has occurred, the program allows to identify on which level it’s occurred and how to improve it. Also, i am bound to highlight that every stage of performing an order proceeds faster than before.
Evgenia Kokanova, «Ost-Optik» sales manager

With using Optima time of order taking is reduced, order form is printed (there is no need to draw or write anything by hand, everything happens automatically). In orders journal you can see on which stage is the order (waiting for ordered lenses, in a workshop, ready, issued). Transfer of goods considerably facilitate and speed, especially on a large scale, a product is scanned at the same time providing its reception or transferring, no need to write out the invoice, what led to a great loss of time (find a number on the temple , find a model in the list, mark, etc.). It provided a huge possibility of a mistake.
Discounts for customers are set automatically. The program provides several payment options: cash, non-cash, gift certificates.

Every seller can issue an order in his user account. It’s very easy to choose the right name in the list while taking an order. Also you can see statistics of sails and recognise who works better or worse.

Seller in the real time can always see the availability of goods in the stock or at another department.

If it’s necessary, you can easily find customer information about his purchases.

For every day you need to make just one report.

There are several different discount programs (cumulative discounts, promo for holidays, constant discounts (for a birthday, pensioners and others.).

Anna Gavrineva, “Ost-Optik” office manager
I am an office manager at “Ost-Optik”. I am responsible for maintaining client base. Due to introduction of new program “Optima” working with customers started to be easier: while the customer visit the optic store first time we collect information about him (date of birth, results of vision test, phone number, e-mail etc) and enter it to the program. You can sort customers by date of birth (It helps not to forget to send them SMS and congratulate) or by date of the last visit (to remind about making yearly vision test or about new collection of frames and sunglasses).

It is worthy of note that you can send SMS and e-mail through the program. One thing you need is to refill the account. Also there is a possibility to find a necessary frame model, contact lenses with right diopters, accessories, etc., at the request of the client, and direct him to the appropriate department. While taking the order sellers from different departments can check stocks of all departments to see if there are required dioptres or frames and issue the order with a lens or frame from another department. “Transfers” function will allow to control movements of goods from one department to another.

One more common problem for optic stores is that client want to know order status. Now, with Optima, when client is calling it’s easy to find hin in client base by is surname or order number and monitor order status (ready, waiting fir lenses, in manufacturing process). And of course it’s important that you can know about all new features of the program non-stop with “News” section.

Ekaterina Vanina, “Ost-Optik” head of purchase department»
A large number of reports can be adjusted to the individual requirements of the company (such as sales reports – can be found selling for different characteristics: brand, material type, the target group, a summary report on the balance of goods and the consolidated report on the sale of goods).
You can specify a time period that is of interest and see all the information in the summary table of all department. You can set time period you are intrested in and build a report with required indormation for all departments. You can analyse sales, stocks, payability, turnover and other indicators in the dynamics. It is very helpful for optimisation of purchase and distribution processes. That leads to a reduction in costs and a increase in sales turnover. The program has very convenient electronic document workflow. Now the warehouse do not need to record a supply with a paper, it is done automatically. After sending a request to a supplier, you receive a letter with confirmation on your e-mail, that eliminates an error of e-mail non-delivery. For more optimal selection of goods at the exhibition or at the supplier’s office it is enough to have just a laptop and the Internet, so you can see goods stocks and sales in real-time.