ITigris Optima is a secure and reliable solution. We use access control, data encryption, security audit journals, automatic backups, streaming replication and other measures to protect our clients’ data.

  • Access roles

Access control based on roles allows you to provide your employees with only the information they need. System administrators have real time information about user activity, including the IP-addresses of logged in users. You can immediately deny access to any user if necessary.

For extra security every employee should use individual certificate in addition to the username and password to log in. This measure significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access to the system due to bad password policy.

  • Secure datacenters

All the data is stored and processed in highly reliable Amazon cloud infrastructure. Encryption is used wherever possible.

Since the servers are running in a cloud, you can avoid risks of their physical damage, theft and hardware malfunction.

  • Backup

ITigris Optima uses automatic continuous database backup (streaming replication) which allows you to restore all information until the last few seconds before system crash. Therefore, even in the very unlikely event of a crash, you information is safe.

We are always ready to provide you with a full backup of your database if necessary.

  • Encrypted connection

SSL connection is used to transfer data between users and the system. The connection provides secure way of data exchange between client and server.