“Optica Vision” director’s review


It’s not a secret that now the most valuable resource is time, so we had a task to simplify and speed up all the processes in our company, starting from sales, ending with accounting and reporting. We started to look for a software that will solve this problem.

We made the market research and choose Optima – easy to learn system with a user-friendly interface.

The implementation process of Optima was quite easy thanks to the employees of ITigris. They helped to master the system and explained everything we needed.


To summarize, the main advantages of working with Optima for us are the following:

  • the ability to maintain the client base, which speeds up the process of sales stuff;
  • smart reports that helps to analyze all the processes in the company;
  • the use of bar codes for goods;
  • simple audits and revaluations of goods;
  • loyal customer support.


Alexandr Krasnov, “Optica Vision” director, Moscow