“O Grin” review

We use the Optima since 2012. At the beginning we had difficulties and employees resistance, because before we did not have any automation system. But over the time, all the employees got used to it and now are satisfied with the system.

Optima helped us to simplify goods registration and turnover. It allows to remotely monitor activity of each optical store. We were able to implement automation for all business processes, stock management, client base management, quick access to client prescriptions, etc.

We like having an access to the system through a browser on any device. ITigris provides backups of all our data, so we are sure we do not lose any important information. ITigris updates the system continuously that allows us to simplify our business processes.

The system has a user-friendly interface, a lot of different reports, which help us to review the optical stores performance from all sides, to quickly get customer information, order status, lenses available in stock, etc.

Optima is a very good system. Our team is happy with the system and we don’t regret that we have chosen it.

Olga Khoroshavina, “O Grin” manager, Tolyatti