“First optic” review

We decided to implement Optima to simplify our work, speed up business processes and optimize time costs.
We use the system for 2 years in all 5 optical stores and Optima let everything work very quickly, we need minimum time to get all the necessary information.

We like Optima user-friendly interface designed for opticians needs. It is very convenient to register and distribute goods through the departments. The system has a range of smart reports represented not only with data sheets, but also with graphical forms.

As Optima is a “cloud” solution, there is no attachment to the workplace, you have access from any location with Internet and a computer.
Employees like to work with the system, and for new employees it takes only a couple of hours to learn how to work with the system.

We would like to express special gratitude to the ITigris technical support for rapid response and constant assistance.

Marina Shustova, “First optic” vice director, Kostroma