“First Optical Company” review

Lyubov Antipova, “First Optical Company” automation project manager, Cheboksary.

Honestly speaking, if in December 2010, i knew how the implementation process will proceed, I would gave up, but then so many dramatic changes would not happen in our company’s life and in my personal and professional life also.

What problems have been solved by Optima?

We have begun to implement the system almost immediately after i joined the company. One of our goals was – management optimization, not only goods management, but also client base management. It was important to identify the “dead souls” and to get a portrait of our client. This problem has been successfully solved. At the same time, we have built ordering system, lenses order and found out possibilities of pricing policy management and loyalty programmes.

A huge advantage for employees – elimination of phone calls to each other. Optima provides them all necessary information in real time – information about the cash balances, history of goods movements, order history, etc.

The culture of customr service has grown, starting with the fact that now employees can refer to customer by their names, ending with flexible SMS-mailings through client base and support of gift certificates. Also, it is important that all employees are now talking “the same language”, especially in such a specific area as optics. Using modern professional vocabulary is the right way of making business. Managers, sales stuff and warehouse managers use a unified terminology and convey information to consumers. The system helped us to structure information, now we are able to get detailed information about each good item. With smart reports management and employees can analyze their work.

Store administrators can easily make requests for goods to the warehouse. It has become easier to train new employees. Optima helped us to achieve a reduction in cash balances, which is especially important during business expansion. While new stores opening we are concerned that our customers will be redistributed between departments. But the system allowed us to track the new client base. New customers came to the opened stores, so the expansion was successful.

Whose job description was simplified?

It’s not that someone’s job description is simplified, but that employees were able to go to a new level in their work.
For example, warehouse workers had to puzzle out the parameters of lenses, although they usually do not participate in educational trainings about the goods range. A need to stick bar codes to the goods gave additional work to warehouse workers, but it is a necessary sacrifice for stock accounting. But the same time warehouse managers work was simplified with the possibility of electronic documents interchange with suppliers and automatic importof electronic invoices. Warehouse managers responsibility increased because now the correct accounting of goods in the system depends on them. Another benefit for the warehouse is the ability to control the goods distribution to the stores and track the delivery service.

Thanks to the smart analytical reports managers work became easier. Now they have the opportunity to build user-friendly reports and make analysis to optimize business processes. For example, to track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and marketing activities from day to day. Or if some promotion is running and it does not bring expected results, you can get information of it’s reasons.

Top management has the opportunity to save the greates value- time! Analysis of all company’s KPI’s and activity is available “off-the-shelf” in real time. For example, you don’t need to look through all the previous order forms and estimate the average sum of the order. Optima will calculate it for you automatically.

How has the customer service quality changed?

The best proof of the positive changes was the feedback of clients, who visited our stores and were pleasantly surprised by calling them by name. Now it is natural for our clients .
Aesthetics is also very important for optical stores. For example, it is quite difficult to properly place a price tag with the full product information that will look nice and will not disturb while fitting. ITigris provides us with special price tags, designed for frames, which solve this problem. We see that customers like the fact that everything is made daintily and “for them”.

It is also convenient for the customer that he does not need to remember his vision parameters and previously bought glasses parameters (as well as contact lenses). Optima keeps all this information and provides it automatically.

The loyalty cards and powerfull discount system are better than I can express.

It is very convenient that leaving the doctor, client does not need to show sales consultant his prescription. All the necessary information is already available in the system. Consultants see the data entered by an ophthalmologist to suggest customer the best options for him and to help him to make right choice.

What are the main benefits which Optima provides yuor company?

The main advantage of the system – it makes processes ongoing! Since the ability to analyze and control has appeared , processes in the company started to be more transparent – goods movement, employees efficiency, pricing policy.
The ability to identify goods items leading in sales allows us to optimize the stock. We know the customers favorite brands and promote new ones successfully.

I want to focus on audits. This functionality was born as a result of our collaborative work. People related to accounting appreciate the benefits of thees audits. For us it is not only time saving, but also convenient document forming.

In fact, every element of the system provides the possibility to extract competitive advantages, the only question is how to take the advantage of it. You’re either successful or not, and the system – is a tool. We try to use all the features that Optima provides, but it still has a great potential.

How easy-to-understand was Optima for employees? Was it difficult for them to learn the system?

The main issue for the employees in system implementation was understanding “Why do we need it?” It took some time, but now they can not imagine how to live without Optima.

We completed the system implementation in an incredibly short space of time – one day for one store.
It was not easy to adapt the system to our business processes. But it occurred due to the fact thatthe processes became more structured and transparent. It was important for people to understand what is required from them and how the system help them to do it. We are pleased that all our comments and remarks are taken by ITigirs into consideration to upgrade the system, and work with the system becomes more and more convenient every day.

What do you like in Optima most of all?

We like user-friendly interface of the system, convenient client base with flexible filters and smart analytics. We like that with Optima we reached the uniformity of processes and start talking with our colleagues “the same language”.

It is impossible to express the fullness of emotions that we experience with the definition of “like”.

In conclusion I want to quote the words of the head of our company, quoted from L.Kerroll “Alice in Wonderland”:

«In this age of ultra-high speeds to stand still – we must run. To move forward – you need to run ten times faster».

Optima helps us run as fast as it possible.