“First optic” review


We decided to implement Optima to simplify our work, speed up business processes and optimize time costs. We like Optima user-friendly interface designed for opticians needs. Employees like to work with the system, and for new employees it takes only a couple of hours to learn how to work with the system.

Marina Shustova, “First optical shop” vice director, Kostroma

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“O Grin” review

We use the Optima since 2012. At the beginning we had difficulties and employees resistance, because before we did not have any automation system. But over the time, all the employees got used to it and now are satisfied with the system. ptima helped us to simplify goods registration and turnover. It allows to remotely monitor activity of each optical store. We were able to implement automation for all business processes, stock management, client base management, quick access to client prescriptions, etc.

Olga Artomonova“O Grin” manager, Tolyatti

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“Optics Gallery” review

Копия galery

When we tried using Optima, we have realized that it’s main advantage is that it is designed specifically for optical retail. The system is very easy – employees like it and work with it quickly. There are all functions that are necessary for the optical shops. A large number of smart reports help management to simply monitor the company KPI’s.


Memmedov Gasan, “Optics Gallery” top manager, Baku

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“Optica Vision” director’s review

Копия оптика вижен

It’s not a secret that now the most valuable resource is time, so we had a task to simplify and speed up all the processes in our company, starting from sales, ending with accounting and reporting. We started to look for a software that will solve this problem.

We made the market research and choose Optima – easy to learn system with a user-friendly interface.

Alexandr Krasnov, “Optica Vision” director, Moscow
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“First Optical Company” review

We like user-friendly interface of the system, handy client with smart filters and smart analytcs. Optima helped us to uniform all the company processes and to talki with our colleagues “the same language”. We like functionality of audtits which makes employees work significantly easier.
It is impossible to express the fullness of emotions that we experience with the definition of “Like!”.”

Lyubov Antipova, “First Optical Company” automation project manager, Cheboksary (Russia).
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How have we decided to implement the automation system?

To decide on major changes in the company that was very successful during many years is extremely difficult. Why should we change something, if everything is good without it? Who needs it? Ordinary sellers, workshop workers, doctors? No! It also will take a time to learn! We can not do it! We will better still accept the orders with a pencil and then with the accounting program (1C). However, human factor causes a lot of errors . But you can always correct a pencil record. Middle management also do not want it! To learn themselves and require knowledge and skills from employees. Yes, and all your possible faults in making and implementing decisions immediately become visible. Or maybe intelligent computer will replace us (irreplaceable managers) in the near future? No, let it be all the old! Probably, it is very familiar situation to all the leaders and shareholders of the company!

However, interpreting well-known the philosophic principle “If you feel good today, that does not mean it will last forever”, we are a small group of top managers and shareholders, are vitally interested in the long-term stability of the company, decided to implement the system.”

Albina Burenok, “Ost-Optik” Director General
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What the introduction of ITigris Optima gave us?

ITigris Optima saved us from much of the routine work with papers, allowed to build appropriate reports to make well-founded decisions. With ITigris Optima, we were able to introduce a salary system that takes into account the individual contribution of employees in sales. This allowed us to motivate staff to sell certain goods, thereby employee productivity and business profitability have been increased.”

Albina Burenok , “Ost-Optik” Director General
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Reviews about the system of “Ost-Optik” employees

After the introduction of “Optima” work has become more convenient. The program is made to be very easy to understand for both optometrists and sellers. “Optima” provides the opportunity for more quick and efficient customer service. Before the introduction of this program, we had to manually write out receipts and record all the orders in the magazine, which takes a lot of time. Before “Optima” we had to manually write out receipts and record all the orders in a journal, what did take a lot of time. Now all receipts automatically print after every sale, it reduces the time of taking an order and save customer’s time. When all receipts and warranty cards are printed on a computer, rather than written by hand, it raises the status of the store and its respectability in eyes of a customer.

The program provides an opportunity to see the remains of goods in all departments of the company and to offer customers a full range of the possible variants, not just limited by one store. It increases the quality and speed of service.

It became very convenient to send and receive goods. Also there is less paperwork.

The program provides an opportunity to work with a client base, to notify customers about readiness of the order, about new collections of frames and sunglasses by SMS and also see the history of customers’ orders. It is very convenient in case when a client forgot his prescription or wants the same frame or lenses.

We can say for sure that with the implementation of this program, we have moved to a new level of working!”

Svetlana Kirpa, «Ost-Optik» manager
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Branchevsky vision clinic review

We work with the program “Itigris” since April 2011.

We like a quick search of the necessary customer information, order history, an ability to control all optic stores of the company, building of salary reports according to set parameters, a clear record keeping of goods remains.”

Kiyko Nadegda, Branchevsky vision clinic manager of the optometry department , Samara (Russia).
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