More than 1500 optical stores worldwide use Optima

Manage clients

  • Loyalty cards
  • Quick search by name or loyalty card number
  • SMS and E-mail campaigns
  • Full shopping history with customers recipes
  • Entire ophthalmological examination management
  • Automatic print forms: recipes, receipts, warranty cards
  • Reminders on a specific date on calls to customers
  • Electronic registry for appointment with an ophthalmologist
  • Secure personal data processing

Manage goods and sales

  • Goods marking with barcodes
  • Electronic documents interchange with suppliers
  • Simple revaluations, cancellations, goods transfers
  • Discount campaigns, goods markdown
  • Stock optimization
  • Sale of contact lenses in batches or individually
  • Ordered goods management
  • Simple wizard-driven order creation interface
  • Integration with cashbox machines
  • Prepaid goods management

Smart analytics

  • Real time analytics
  • Key indicators control - revenue, the amount of orders, average bill, profitability and other
  • Payroll based on individual employee performance
  • Indicators comparison for different periods
  • Data visualization with charts and graphs
  • Access to the system from any device anywhere
  • Integration with store visitors counters and conversion analytics


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Success stories

  • Reviews about the system of “Ost-Optik” employees

    After the introduction of “Optima” work has become more convenient. The program is made to be very easy to understand for both optometrists and sellers. “Optima” provides the opportunity for more quick and efficient customer service. Before the introduction of this program, we had to manually write out receipts and record all the orders in the magazine, which takes a lot of time. Before “Optima” we had to manually write out receipts and record all the orders in a journal, what did take a lot of time. Now all receipts automatically print after every sale, it reduces the time of taking an order and save customer’s time. When all receipts and warranty cards are printed on a computer, rather than written by hand, it raises the status of the store and its respectability in eyes of a customer.

    The program provides an opportunity to see the remains of goods in all departments of the company and to offer customers a full range of the possible variants, not just limited by one store. It increases the quality and speed of service.

    It became very convenient to send and receive goods. Also there is less paperwork.

    The program provides an opportunity to work with a client base, to notify customers about readiness of the order, about new collections of frames and sunglasses by SMS and also see the history of customers’ orders. It is very convenient in case when a client forgot his prescription or wants the same frame or lenses.

    We can say for sure that with the implementation of this program, we have moved to a new level of working!”

    Svetlana Kirpa, «Ost-Optik» manager
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